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Interested in arranging your complimentary coaching experience? An hour of your time is all it takes to explore the power and potential of coaching for yourself. No hassle, no commitments, just limitless possibilities.

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Personal Coaching

Have you ever obtained or achieved something that you wanted, only to discover that you were disappointed once you had actually received it? Maybe it was a car. That dream job you landed. A relationship. A specific financial milestone. Quite possibly, what you were truly seeking was not the object, milestone or relationship itself, but what it represented.

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Corporate Coaching

Is your organization looking for a way to develop its manager and director level staff? Is it looking for an alternative to traditional class based leadership development? Is it seeking improved relationships, teamwork, productivity, retention and overall job satisfaction of its leaders and high potential employees? Professional coaching can provide an important cornerstone for a company's leadership development strategy.

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The Coaching Process

Many people ask, "What does a Life Coach do, exactly?" Let's spend a few moments to explore that.

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