Personal Coaching

Have you ever obtained or achieved something that you wanted, only to discover that you were disappointed once you had actually received it? Maybe it was a car. That dream job you landed. A relationship. A specific financial milestone. Quite possibly, what you were truly seeking was not the object, milestone or relationship itself, but what it represented.

Ask yourself this: are you truly fulfilled in all areas of your life, right now? These could include your finances, your career, your relationships, self-care, recreation, your physical surroundings. Can you clearly articulate what fulfillment looks like to you in all of these areas? Do these align with your core values? Your talents? Your gifts? Are you living your life consistently with all of those, right now? Most importantly, do you have an action plan and know how to move purposefully towards your goals and dreams and by when?

This is where I assist. As your professional life coach, my role is to align your values, gifts and talents with not only how you are leading your life, but how you want to be leading your life. I assist you in identifying who you truly are, thus determining your true essence. Together, we then begin a process aligning your essence and spirit with all aspects of your life. I provide a safe, non-judgmental space for you to investigate your true self, your spirit, and enable you to work from your most resourceful place. My philosophy is that you are the source of your own best answers, I simply facilitate the process in which you can explore and discover them. Once you are clear on what is most important to you and what fulfillment and success look like, we then together determine your action plan for you to begin meaningfully moving towards your goals and dreams.

What differentiates me from other coaches is my gift and ability to connect you to your true, authentic self. My specialized training and techniques focus you on not only what you want to DO to achieve your dreams and goals, but also on how you want to BE as you achieve them. This ensures that you are moving towards what you truly want, not what you think you want. The end result: fulfillment and success.

For me to begin this journey with you, you are motivated to make positive change in your life. You are accountable for your actions and where you are at in your life. You are ready and willing to make a commitment to yourself to make meaningful progress towards a more fulfilled life. You are willing to honestly investigate yourself, your life and define what a fulfilled life truly looks like to you.

So, what is your next step?