Brian Baldwin

If this were a standard bio, it would read something like this:

I have 25 years of experience in corporate environments leading, mentoring and coaching individuals as I held progressively more demanding managerial and leadership positions.  I am a Professional Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation as well as a Board Certified Coach through the Center for Credentialing and Education in the United States. 

I could go on, but like I said, if this were a standard bio then that’s what it would read.  However, this is not a standard bio and I am not your standard coach.  So here is what really matters.

My coaching is driven out of my passion and purpose of empowering others in achieving their goals and dreams and to assist them in leading their life at the highest level, on their terms.  Maybe for you that is a better business, or a better relationship, improved financial situation or possibly a better body.  Maybe it is simply trying to figure out your next move.  What ever it is, at the end of the day it is about getting you excited about the possibilities, removing the roadblocks and allowing you to create the outcome you truly desire.

I have ‘been there, done that’ in countless areas of my life.  I have had tremendous successes in my life and some things that, shall we say, simply did not work out so well.  In all of these cases, I have taken the insights and lessons from these and used them to empower and propel me forward, not to hold me back.  I have also had the opportunity to work within one of the most preeminent coaching organizations in the world which has given me incredible education, insight and understanding into why people do what they do as well as the psychology in behind that.  I have coached individuals from more than 14 countries ranging from people simply wanting to make positive change in their lives to senior executives of Fortune 50 companies.  This has allowed me to create a powerful combination of experience, processes, knowledge and strategies that I bring to my clients.

I have had my own coaching journey which has led to many successes in my life.  I continue to live what I coach on a daily basis and I bring that authenticity and congruency to my practice. 

My goal is to launch you out of simply hoping that your life, business, finances, relationships, body, etc. will improve and have you move into action where you now expect to see results and success.  My mission is to empower you with the clarity, strategy and mindset to dramatically shift your perspective, take action and create a better today and tomorrow for yourself and those around you.